Air Handling Unit – AHU, Air duct cleaning and disinfection

air handling system cleaning, air duct cleaning, disinfection,
air handling system cleaning, air duct cleaning, disinfection,

Cleaning and disinfection of air handling units and air ducts must be carried out at intervals!

Today, almost all industrial, commercial and entertainment facilities and office buildings all operate a ventilation system to provide the fresh air needs of their colleagues and customers, the right temperature and humidity, and also their overall comfort.

Filters are installed in these devices to filter out entering air and exhaust air. thus protecting the heat exchangers, electric motors, sensors located in the air handling unit, which can cause serious heat loss and insulation problems, thus significantly increasing operating costs.

However, from the fresh air intake opening to the filters and from the exhaust air anemostat (in the building) to the filters, unfiltered air flows through the air ducts.

So there may be various dirt on the surface of the air ducts.
These contamination usually come in powder form, which is the breeding ground of fungi and bacteria, or when the contamination comes from kitchen, greasy technology, an extremely dangerous, flammable layer is placed on the ducts surface.

These air ducts should therefore be cleaned and disinfected at intervals, preventing hygiene and fire protection problems.