Activated Carbon Filters, Combined Active Carbon Filters manufacturing

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Manufacture of activated carbon filters

The activated carbon filters remove the toxic gases, solvent vapors and odors with high efficiency.

We offer activated carbon products for air and liquid filtration in various forms.
They may be activated carbon cartridges into a large amount of activated carbon granules or powders or active carbon filter mats.

We offer activated carbon pellets, granules and powders in different particle sizes, according to what is intended for use.

We make active carbon filters in the Compact Panel filter or Compact-V filter design used in the air handling technology.

These active carbon filters were specially developed to remove the gaseous pollutants in urban air (VOC, PAC, ozone, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxide) and thereby ensure high indoor air quality ( IAQ-Indoor Air Quality) according to EN13779:2007.

VOC: Volatile Organic Compounds. Paints, cleaning agents, harmful gases from vaporization of building materials,
PAC: Polycyclic Aromatic hydrocarbons. By-product of burnt fuels,
Ozone, Sulfur Dioxide, Nitrogen Oxide: Harmful to the respiratory system.

Our Compact Panel or Compact V filters are used with a wide spectrum of active carbon granules having a higher “surface / volume” ratio than conventional extruded pellets, therefore it will bind the gaseous contaminants more quickly. The exposure time is 0.05 seconds.


A regular replacement of activated carbon filters is a key issue, because after the filter has been filled, the activated carbon will gradually release the gases again!

Manufacture of combined active carbon filters

We also make combined activated carbon filters, which separate dust, fine particles, fungi, bacteria and viruses, and finally harmful gases in several stages.

We offer a combined activated carbon filters in various forms which can be used in many areas where large quantities of fine dust, particulate and harmful gaseous pollutants are present in the outer environment.

For example, combined filters can be a solution:
– for ventilation systems in the city center or close to busy roads, or
– for the protection of persons when using tractors and sprayers in agriculture,
– and in many other areas …


Fine dust and particles go deep into the lungs and gaseous contaminants enter the blood stream and cause health problems or illnesses!

Fields of application:

– as built in a common frame with a fine filter in air-conditioning systems,
– as a chemical filter in agriculture,
– in kitchen exhaust system,
– in the paint industry,
– for water filtration,
– in winery,
– and many other areas.