Coarse pocket filter manufacturing (G2-G3-G4)

Pocket filter, bag filter, G2, G3, G4, M5, F5, EN779, multilayer synthetic filter material
pocket filter, bag filter, G2, G3, G4, M5, F5, EN779, coarse filter, prefilter, synthetic progressive filter material
Ultrasonic welded bag filter, pocket filter, bag filter pocket, ultrasonic welded pocket, bag

Main features of coarse pocket filters:

Depth Filtration:
Coarse pocket filters with conical-sewn or ultrasonic welded pockets have high-efficiency filtering capabilities ranging from coarse dust filtration to fine dust filtration.

Due to the multilayer, progressive construction of the filter material of coarse pocket filters, optimum depth filtration is achieved, where the contamination is uniformly distributed throughout the cross section of the filter material.

Therefore, the pressure difference increases more slowly, resulting in a high dust holding capacity and long lasting life. Due to the low pressure difference in operating costs remain low.

Optimal airflow:
Inside of pockets of the coarse pocket filters are densely positioned spacers that prevent the pockets are touch with each other. Thanks to the spacers, a 592x592mm sized pocket filter can made ​​up with 12 pockets such that the inflated pockets are not in contact with each other.

Filter Material:
High-efficiency synthetic filter media, progressive design, multi-layered, with pre-filter, impregnated on the clean air side.

Heat Resistance:
Approx. 100 degrees Celsius.

Filter class:
G2, G3, G4: EN779

Recommended final pressure difference:
250 Pa.

Available in both standard and custom sizes.

Galvanized steel, plastic.

Custom labels:
We offer our coarse pocket filters with the label format provided by the Customer.

Fields of application:

Mainly as a pre-filter of the HVAC system for separation of the coarse dust or for filtration of the recirculated air in the air handling units of
– Hospitals,

– Shopping centers,

– Electronics manufacturing,

– Food industry,

– Pharmaceuticals.