Fan-coil filters manufacturing

Wire frame fan-coil filter G2, G3, G4

Main features of Fan-coil filters:

Typically, our Fan-coil filters have a strong wire frame and for this we make an easily replaceable filter inserts. This has the advantage that later, just enough to buy the filter inserts.

Filter class:
G2, G3, G4: EN779

Heat resistance:
Approximately 100 degrees Celsius.

Recommended final pressure difference:
250 Pa

Available in standard and custom sizes.

Our fan-coil filters are also available in a disinfectant design.

Fields of application:

Fan-coil filters are placed in fan-coil air handling units, which typically used in offices or hotel rooms.
Their function is to filter the circulated air in the room, and thus protecting the condition of the unit and providing fresh, dust-free air for people in the room.