Liquid Filter Bags manufacturing

Liquid Filter Bag, GAF Filter Bag, Coolant Emulsion Filter Bag, Milk Filter Bag, Liquid Filter, Water Filter

Main features of liquid filter bags:

Liquid filter bags are available in a variety of materials and densities (from 0.5 micron).

To achieve the desired filtration efficiency, consideration should be given the PH of the liquid, its temperature and the size of the solid dirt.

The high-capacity filter bag sewn on the steel wire frame, built into the filter housing, is capable of separating solid particles that float in the liquid on a large surface.

Large amounts of detached contaminants can easily be removed at replacement.

Filter Material:
Filter material based on high-efficiency tear-resistant synthetic fibres. Silicone-Free.

Heat resistance:
100-150 degrees Celsius.

Available in standard and custom sizes

Fields of application:

– In the engineering industry eg. emulsion filtration,
– In agriculture eg. milk filtration …