Dear Visitor,

Let me briefly to introduce you to our business scope.

The main activity of our company, for 30 years, is the production of air filters.

These filters are manufactured from coarse prefilters up to clean room quality filters at high quality with short delivery time.

These are typically standard size filters, but besides these, we also make special size filters designed for individual machines.

In addition to filter manufacturing, our range of activities includes some essential services such as:

– Replacement of filters, removal of used filters,

– Electrical and mechanical maintenance and consultancy of air handling systems,

– Cleaning and disinfection of complete air handling systems (interior spaces of machines, heat exchanger, air ducts),

– Disinfection of air-conditioning systems and fan-coils,

– Cleaning and disinfection of clean rooms, cleanroom manufacturing sites and operating rooms, (for laser and microbiological testing),

– Cleaning and disinfection of exhaust hoods for kitchens.

Considering the above, it can be seen that our company has complex filter manufacturing and airtechnical expertise. Thus, by combining the various services, these tasks of your business can be solved in a cost-effective way.

Recognizing this, our clientele includes large corporations and other industrial enterprises operating in various areas of the country, as well as many health, commercial and food industrial facilities. At your request, we can provide specific references.

If you are interested, ask for FREE filter samples in the size and quality class you specify.


János Strammer and his son, Zoltán Strammer managing directors