Metal filters, Grease filters, Drop-separators manufacturing

Metal filter, grease filter, drop separator, aluminum filament filter, stainless filter, surface-increased
Metal Filter, Grease Filter, Drop Separator, Aluminum Filament Filter, Stainless Steel Filter,

Main features of Metal filters, Grease filters, Drop-separators:

The Metal filters, Grease filters are mainly manufactured for kitchenette hoods, but it is also well suited for usein the engineering industry where there is a large amount of oil vapor emissions.

The metal filters, grease filters – similar to Panel Z filters – are also available in a surface-increased design that results in increased capacity and longer last life.

Principle of operation:
The metal filters, grease filters force the flow direction of the saturated air to change at inside the filter, causing the velocity of air flow to slow down and the contamination being discharged.

Dirt deposited in the metal filter, grease filter can be removed later by chemical cleaning.

Drop separation:
According to the same principle, any moisture in the air can be separated by the use of properly formed metal fabric.

Filter Media:
Made of aluminum or stainless steel, large surface, rigid, heat-resistant filter media.

Heat resistance:
approx. 450 degrees Celsius.

Filter class:
G2-G3: EN779

Recommended final pressure difference:
250 Pa

Available in standard and custom sizes.

Frame material:
Galvanized or stainless steel

Fields of application:

-Kitchen exhaust equipments,
-To filter oil vapour in the machinery industry,
-As a pre-filter for air handling equipment,
-For painting equipments,
-drop separators in any ventilation system…