HVAC maintenance, operation

Air handling unit maintenance, heat exchangers, filters, fans, heat recovery, shutters, bypass, AHU
ventilation fan, AHU fan
air heat exchanger
air damper

in our HVAC maintenance, operation

our aim is to preserve the condition of air handling systems owned by our customers in the long term, maximizing their use value at optimal cost expense, on high quality and professional standards.

During our operations, we provide the following services:

Mechanical maintenance of air handling systems, eg replacement of filters, belts, bearings of electric motors and fans,

Electrical maintenance of air handling systems, eg automatic control (shutter, dp switches, sensors, frost-coil), maintenance of electrical cabinets, checking motor current of air handling units.

Design of filters in the air handling systems, even the construction of a unique filter system for optimum utilization.

Our goal is therefore to meet the needs of our customers at the highest level, so we perform the above services with our own employees and with our own specialists.