Clean room disinfection, Dry mist disinfection

Clean room disinfection, clean room side walls, floor, ceiling cleaning, disinfection, sterilization, sterile space, disinfection, dry mist, dry fog,
Clean room disinfection, clean room cleaning, disinfection, sterile space, disinfection, Dry mist, Dry fog,
Clean room disinfection, Clean rooms, equipment cleaning, disinfection, sterile space, disinfection, Dry mist, Dry fog,
Dry fog disinfection, Disinfects hard-to-reach surfaces and floating particles in the air. It does not cause short circuit, stain-free.

Clean room disinfection

In clean rooms there are industrial manufacturing operations or laboratory tests that require a special environment.
This environment ensures that the contamination of the test materials or products manufactured to be minimal.

Such a specially designed environment is part of a ventilation system that continuously ensures the quality and quantity of air exchange. And has an architectural, technological design (eg walls, floors, ceilings, objects, equipment) whose surfaces do not emit particulates and disinfect.

Ensure the minimum particle quantity of clean rooms by filtering the air at an appropriate level and creating a differential pressure.

Cleanroom is therefore not an isolated area, but part of a complex air handling system where our expertise in three decades of air technology and disinfection can be an effective solution to the operation of qualified clean rooms.

Clean rooms are qualified by accredited laboratories, which measure and verify the parameters to be determined (eg particle volume, microbial contamination, air velocity, air volume, flow direction, temperature and humidity).

Dry mist disinfection

An effective way of disinfection is the dry mist disinfection.

It’s effective because it disinfects hard-to-reach surfaces and airborne particles. As a dry process, it can also be used in places where microelectronic devices are present. It does not cause short circuit, stain-free.

This hygiene procedure helps in attenuating asthma or allergic symptoms, removing pathogenic viruses, bacteria, and parasites.

It can be used in many areas:
– In hospitals, medical offices,
– hotels, conference rooms,
– In public institutions, schools, kindergartens, offices,
– In the food industry.